An Interactive, Creative, Holistic, Comprehensive Health Experience

Homeopathy is based on these principles:

- Like cures like (In the cause, can be found the cure)
- Minimal dose/least intervention (the least possible substance can affect positive change)
- Holistic (the WHOLE person is treated including emotional, physical and mental expressions of disease)
- Individualistic/Every person is different to the next (two people will have different experiences of the same disease condition or situation.
- Complementary (Homeopathic meds can be taken along with conventional meds to improve its action and/or help with side-effects or instead of).

The Diagnosis

A comprehensive case history is taken, focusing on how the individual is experiencing/expressing their symptoms. Comprehensive physical examinations are performed where applicable.  All this information is then put together like a puzzle to find the Remedy that will be taken by the patient. Additional lifestyle advice can also be given in order to improve the action of the meds. Medical diagnostics (Blood tests, Ultra-sound, X-rays etc.) can be used if necessary.

The Remedy

What makes a Remedy Homeopathic is the way in which it is made. Through a process of serial dilution (smaller amounts of substance) and succusion (physically shaking and bumping the liquid) the energy of the original substance is transferred to the water in which the substance is in solution and potentized/activated. One can think of theories like ‘the memory of water’.

The Research

The Homeopathic Materia Medica (the collection of Remedies and symptoms) is based on 200 years of provings. Healthy Participants blindly take specific Remedies and the symptoms they produce are recorded and scored in scientific manner. Because Homeopathy is so individualized and specific the evidence of its efficacy is clinical. Big randomized placebo-controlled trials will not work. Therefore even though we don’t have equipment that is advanced enough yet with which to prove how it works, we know that it works.

The cure

The fact that the particles of substance in a Homeopathic Remedy is so small, means that the body recognizes it like it would recognize a hormone or a neurotransmitter. In effect the Remedy acts as a stimulus (a message) to the body on where to correct and cure itself. Where necessary, vitamin and mineral supplements will be recommended to provide the 'Building blocks' that the body needs to affect such change.

Who can benefit

Any disease condition and any age group

Consultations with Qualified, Registered Homeopath:
Dr. Soretha du Plessis (PR 0499900, AHPCSA A11230) (University of Johannesburg)<

From 1 Nov 2017 - consultations by appointment.
To book consultations phone shop or send an email.

  • R550 for first consultation (90mins) - includes physical examination and Iridology where appropriate. R350 for pensioners and students.
  • R300 for 30minute follow-up consultation.
  • R250 for 50ml Homeopathic / Flower Essence Remedy.
  • R250 per Bio puncture injection : sub-cutaneous injections for variety of applications from sports injuries to immune system support.