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Earthwise is owned and managed by Hester van Zyl.

The Natural Choice

Her aim is to empower people to reach their full potential by assisting them to obtain optimal health the natural way and to take responsibility for their own lives.
You can increase the quality of your life through great products. We don't believe that you should compromise the choice that you are used to when you change over to using natural and organic products and have sourced a wide range of reasonably priced and high quality natural and organic products for you to choose from.

We offer ethical products that are:

  • free from toxic ingredients
  • produced with integrity and sustainability
  • support small individually owned businesses
  • benefit local communities and where employees receive fair wages
  • against child labour
  • against animal cruelty
  • upcycled, made from recycled materials
  • We are genuine in sharing knowledge and making available the resources that will help you to be more discerning and conscious as to what you allow into your body, your children's bodies and the environment. We believe this will be the start of a journey towards living sustainably and securing the future of our children's children. Please browse through at your leisure. Our site is updated regularly to keep you enlightened on the things that matter most to your health and that of your family. To find out more about what Earthwise has to offer, please visit us Opposite Vodacom (Lower Level), I‚Äôlanga Mall, Nelspruit. Let us help you reach optimal health the natural way.

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